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Accounting Services
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Accounting Services

December 05, 2018
Hello, currently employed accountant will provide you a full accounting services from distance (it`s possible to visit ones in a week or a month) with own accounting program. Now I`m working in the Audit firm as a Junior Auditor.
Financial services include the following components:
1. Fill and Submission any kind of tax declarations including: Income, VAT , Information of payments, profit and etc. ;
2. Preparation of one-time, monthly or annual tax declarations;
3. Generate ell commodity waybill and invoices via online ( + registration/preparation of goods codes);
4. banking transfers;
5. Current accounting (bookkeeping);
6. creation of initial documentation and accounting;
7. submission of balance sheet, cash flow and profit and loss account;
8. Preparation of annual and mid-year financial statements;
9. Consultation in accounting issues;



Tel: 579 65 59 59;
Viber: +995 579 65 59 59;
Watsapp: +995 579 65 59 59;
Contacts :
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