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Master of the house
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  • Master of the house
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Master of the house

October 06, 2019
Universal household and enterprise technical and software services.
Household & Industrial, Electrical, Gas & Computer Technique,
230-380 V power, remote and detector
Power management, security, automotive electronics, power supply
Products for machinery, solariums, medical equipment, e-engines, heating and air conditioning
And other equipment-machinery repair-installation, purchase, sale .

Used and new equipment, spare parts 2-year warranty.
Washing Machine, Central Heating, Gas Heater, Water Heater,
Air Conditioned, Refrigerator, Vacuum Cleaner, Microwave, Vent, Freezer,
Oven, Bakery, Ice Cream, Ice, Popcorn, Coffee, Mixer, Dryer,
Press, bakery and other equipment
Repair-Installation, Buying, Selling .

Complete Repair Service Package: Electricity, Plumbing, Ventilation, Heating & Air Conditioning,
Fireplace, Sauna, Pool, Fountain, Waterfall-Source, Greenhouse-Organizer, Greenery, Bio & Lighting Decoration
, Design, Furniture Manufacturing, Doors, Windows, Sliding, Tile, Painting, Ceiling, Flooring, etc . Tel ;. +995 599995594
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